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Terms of use

The words, images and any other content given on this website is copyright Nick Wilkinson unless otherwise stated. You may not use the content given on this site except for the purposes given below:

  • Sharing with others with attribution to and a link back to this website, including backlinking
  • Using route sheets, maps and GPS tracks on AUK-governed rides
  • Snippets and photos to include in your own ride reports and/or personal websites
  • Summary inclusion in search-engine results

You may not use any of the content given on this site for any purpose other than the above without our explicit written permission, including the following:

  • You may not make money from our content, directly or indirectly
  • You may not create and run your own rides using the detailed route information given on this website
  • You may not include our content on a money-making website without our permission (we are open to offers — speak to us first)
  • You may not use our content to pad out your own website where that website is substantially comprised of other people's content (write your own stuff!)

 Limitation of liability

You use this website and the information, data and opinions given on this website at your own risk.  We do not intend to bring harm and we use common sense in how we present all the information to highlight any obvious risks; however latent and extant risks may still exist and it is your own responsibility to assess those risks yourself and take appropriate measures and actions to mitigate against them.  If harm does occur then you will not hold us accountable for that harm in any way.


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