RRTY #3 completed

With the completion of my DIY 200 yesterday out to Diss, upon validation by AUK then that means I've completed my third Randonneur Round the Year series — that's one 200km ride or longer in each of the previous 12 months (including the wintry ones!).  A ride can only be counted towards a single series, but it's possible to have multiple series on the go at the same time by riding multiple 200+km rides in each (and every) month.  It is good motivation to get out there every month, but it can also be a bit of a treadmill when the days are short and the weather's cool.

I started this series in July last year (2014) when I rode two brevet rides in the same month, the first finishing my previous series, the second starting my new series.

For this series I used these rides:

I rode all of Tom's Essex SR/PBP-qualification rides as helpers' rides, which means the date in the AUK results pages is different to the date we rode — we rode a week or two before the actual event, but the results are recorded all together on the same start date.  It's a technical detail, but two of the rides were ridden in the previous month to that recorded.

I am also five months into RRTY #4 at the moment — I started it in January, doubling up every month as PBP training.  For the record, so I don't forget myself really, this is where I'm up to:

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