End of Hibernation 200

DNS for me:  I got up at 6am, took a look outta the window at our very white lane and got straight back into bed.  However, by 10 when I woke up again the lane was, of course, clear: the fields and hedges are like a snowy picture postcard, with a black, wet ribbon winding through, so I wouldn't be surprised if those that started go on to finish.  It also doesn't look as windy out there as forecast.

Note: this ride report is a mild rewrite of my submission to yacf, here.  Codified names are the nicknames of people on the forum, sorry about that.  The post date has been changed to the date of the ride. 

No regrets: I didn't really fancy a cold, wet ride, having done two already this season;  I already have March in the bag for RRTY;  and I clearly needed the extra sleep to be capable for the other parts of my life.  And now I have a day with nothing else happening, perfect for a spot of DIY, She'll be pleased to remind me facepalm

Nick Wilkinson

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