Norfolk Nips 2 + ECE100 — my first calendar audax

Weather was a fine, warm even, winter's day of between 6 and 10 degrees Celcius, with a strong southerly of between 10 and 15MPH.  Very tired legs from battling the wind on the outward leg, but got the advantage on the return leg, as indicated in the time (although a slightly shorter distance).  The final run home was soul-destroyingly straight, but at least it went up and down.

The first part of the ECE was spent with Roger slipstreaming into the wind to Attleborough and then riding side-by-side back to Norwich with the wind behind.  The final leg I rode out on my own to Wymondham and then found a LBS to get the chain lubricated.  Stopped for a pork pie and banana and Roger caught me up. We rode together for a while then Roger sent me off the front.  Dropped the chain a few miles later and Roger caught me up again.  Passed him and rode on.  Missed the turn in Brooke because it wasn't sign-posted, but got there eventually, about 5 minutes before Roger.

Felt like I had a cold the whole way: sniffing and running nose.  Sore back (kidneys?) and sore head on Sunday.  Lost 1-2lb on the ride, possibly as sweat.

Note: this ride report is a mild rewrite of my submission to yacf, here.  Codified names are the nicknames of people on the forum, sorry about that.  The post date has been changed to the date of the ride. 

Thank you Sue and Keith for such great support on the ride and for arranging such fine weather, although a little less wind next time, please smile  And thank you to all your helpers too! thumbs up  (delicious soup at the end, and I ate far too much cake)

This was my first calendar event (ever) and only my second 200, which I ECE'd with Fidgetbuzz.  An easy ride to the start with FB with a fair tail wind was very pleasant. I found the head wind on the outward leg of the event somewhat heavy going with 50k already in the legs and I couldn't find my mojo on the run back, although the times tell a different story because I latched onto a reasonably quick threesome for a chat and the miles rolled by (if only I could maintain those speeds solo). 

Leaving Hellesdon with 50 still to go felt like a drag, but I stopped at an LBS in Wyndonham to restore some lubrication to my chain and the renewed slick and quiet running picked me up – plus by then the effect of the soup was beginning to kick in. 

Contrary to what FB says, I was only a few minutes ahead of him at the controls (I reckon I was moving for 10:08 to FB's 10:15), me sweating like so many in Norfolk (pigs that is), FB looking like he'd just set off;  I think he's fitter than he lets on. FB caught me up when I stopped for a banana and we rode together for a while, but he kept urging me to ride off the front, which in the end I did. With a dropped chain and a missed turn, I arrived back to base only a few minutes ahead, so I think there's life in FB's legs yet! cheesy

As for the main event, it was my first and I fear I may have been spoiled for all future events: I gather that S&K have something of a sparkling reputation for putting on audax events (I didn't know this when I registered) and I shouldn't expect such good support at all events!  I have registered for Nips3, just waiting for a pink slip from SWMBO, and looking forward to it.

That's 2x200s done of my first audax season, first RRTY.  Thanks to FB for the ECE, that's December done (with the option of extra rides over Christmas, weather/family permitting).  See you in January (hopefully).

The numbers

  • Total distance by bike computer = 209.75km
  • Total time = 11hr 25min = average 18.4kph
  • Total moving time = 10hr 18min = average 20.36kph
  • Stoppage = 1hr 7min

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