Boiling water with an 8g stove

Meths stoves are odd little things — ultra-simple, ultra-lightweight, effective.  Hum, yes-but-no-but — they are all those things, except effective — on their own.  What's needed is a little attention to detail with focusing the heat from the burning meths onto the base … read more  »

Charging GPSes and phones on long rides

I often see comments on forums and Facebook discussing the merits of this battery pack or that dynamo setup for keeping GPS devices and phones juiced up on long rides, mostly audaxes, taking 10 hours or longer.  I haven't yet found … read more  »

Building wheels

I rode out with CTC Cambridge today (Sunday, 31 January 2016) and Alex happened to mention he'd been on a wheel-building course the day before, at which he'd learned that building wheels is really hard.  As it happened, I built myself … read more  »